Money Transfer

We at Warid Telecom have always strived to maintain a high level of your trust through our cutting edge services that are tailored around your needs. Warid Telecom, a network that people of Pakistan love to call their own, has partnered with one of the most reliable banks of Pakistan, Bank Alfalah Limited, to facilitate you with the most entrusted Mobile Finanacial Service of Pakistan. This combined venture, "Mobile Paisa" is a mobile financial service that stands to serve basic monetary needs which people have these days including sending or receiving money to families and relatives and to make other financial transactions; allthrough a completely trustworthy intermediary. This is what our core objective is; "Aap ki Amanat, Humari Zamanat".

Mobile Paisa offers an extensive range of utilities that bridge wide distances all across Pakistan and takes financial transactions to a whole new level of convenience. Payment of utility bills and sending or receiving money within Pakistan is no longer a hefty task as it is just a ‘Mobile Paisa’ outlet away. You do not need to go to a bank, stand in long queues and worry about the limitations of your working hours, because Mobile Paisa is here to save you from all this trouble. Along with the presence of two highly trusted stakeholders, increased security of your valuable money is assured as the services provided by Mobile Paisa are approved by the State Bank of Pakistan.