Mobile Account – Security and Convenience on the go!

Bringing to you the convenience of paying Utility Bills, topping up your number with Warid load and transferring money all across Pakistan, Mobile Account is an actual bank account just like a conventional bank account but with the ease of using it anytime anywhere through your mobile phone. This highly secure service is for all existing and new Warid customers. Visit your nearest Warid franchise or Warid Business Center to open your Mobile Account and benefit from thousands of Mobile Paisa agents available nationwide to deposit or withdraw cash from your Mobile Account.


  • Utility Bill Payment
    • Electricity
    • Telephone
    • Gas
  • Money Transfer
    • Mobile Account to Mobile Account
    • Mobile Account to CNIC
  • Warid Load
    • Warid Prepaid
    • Warid Postpaid Bill Payment

Product Features

  • Perform Financial Transaction in a fast, secure and convenient manner; anytime, anywhere in Pakistan.
  • Instant access to your Mobile Account around the clock, nationwide.
  • No condition of having a Bank Account.
  • Anyone with an active Warid SIM registered in their own name can avail this service.
  • Mobile Account holder can send money to any other Mobile Account or to any person having a valid NADRA CNIC.
  • Mobile Account holder can instantly pay their Utility Bills anytime they want. All you need is a sufficient balance in your Mobile Account.
  • Cash Deposit & Withdrawal from your Mobile Account can be done from any Warid Business Center, Franchise or a Mobile Paisa Agent.
  • 24/7Helpline to guide you on Mobile products, features and to answer any queries related to Mobile Services.

Service Charges

Mobile Account Service Charges

Transaction Slab Start Slab End Charges
Cash Deposit 100 25,000 Free*
Bill Payment 1 - Free
Warid Load 20 5,000 Free
Create PIN - - Free
Balance Inquiry - - 0.24(Tax Inclusive)
Send Account Info - - Free
Mini Statement - - Free

*First 3 Cash Deposits in a day will be free, any subsequent Cash Deposit on the same day will be charged at 2.16% + Tax of the amount deposited.

Cash Withdrawal

Slab Start Slab End Charges(Rs.) FED (16%)(Rs.) Total Charges(Rs.)
0 1,000 20 3.20 Rs.23.20
1,001 2,500 40 6.40 Rs.46.40
2,501 4,000 60 9.60 Rs.69.60
4,001 6,000 80 12.80 Rs.92.80
6,001 8,000 100 16.00 Rs.116.00
8,001 10,000 120 19.20 Rs.139.20
10,001 13,000 140 22.40 Rs.162.40
13,001 16,000 160 25.60 Rs.185.60
16,001 20,000 180 28.80 Rs.208.80
20,001 25,000 200 32.60 Rs.232.00

*16% FED will be applicable on fee as per Govt. Regulations.

Mobile Account Services